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John Moore M.Inst.Pkg
History of Professional Life

22 Nottingham Rd, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 0NP, UK


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General Overview:

A Mars/EFFEM trained Global R&D Packaging Manager with 24 years experience in the packaging applications industry. He has developed a pool of knowledge and experience in a wide variety of packaging, materials and conversion processes. Main strengths are a practical and pragmatic approach to problem solving combined with a determination to succeed and the ability to work in cross-cultural global teams to achieve results. He has a passionate enthusiasm for packaging and a fascination with its history and future developments.
Core Areas of Expertise:

Note: Experience in packaging is wide and varied and the outlines given below only illustrate some of the areas of expertise and mostly relate to his time working for Pedigree Masterfoods who are part of the Mars/Effem empire.

1. General Packaging Conversion/Decoration

Familiar with the technologies used in the conversion of base packaging materials wood fibres, plastics, glass and metals, into useable and appropriate packaging formats. Recommended cost effective package decoration systems, including Offset Litho, Rotary Gravure and Flexographic on substrates such as label paper, board, corrugated materials and plastics. Acquired an understanding of such issues as cylinder fabrication, ink systems and post print ink/surface treatments needed to mass produce quality, half-tone reproduction and their relationship to total printing cost and customer needs.

2. Incoming Packaging Quality.

Set up systems of bulk verification, a pre-runner to Vendor Assurance (VA), on cans and can ends on the basis of linking supplier process control with realistic packaging specifications.
Installed the first printing colour standard system used in Masterfoods.
Advised supplier packaging companies in the Europe and Thailand to help them develop their packaging quality and supply strategy for their markets.

3. Packaging Specification.

(a) Can Labelling, Corrugated Trays, Adhesives, and Shrinkwrap:

Closely involved with the first installation of Krones high speed can labellers and Kister tray/shrink wrap systems in the UK. Worked with both machine and packaging suppliers to deliver appropriate and meaningful specifications for these highspeed packaging machines. Set up VA supplier systems that ensued ongoing supply quality

(b) Folding Box Cartons, Paper Bags, Sacks and Stretchwrap:

Responsible for the specification of mainstream Pedigree dry product petfood packaging in the UK. Including such materials as folding box cartons, paper based bags (including grease resistant and extrusion coated papers) and sacks, corrugated trays, shrink and stretchwrap and self-adhesive labelling. The main thrust of developments was total cost saving including packaging material usage and conversion cost, printing system costs, packaging performance, specification and logistic costs (transport and storage of finished product).

4. Introduction of New and Existing Packaging formats/systems.

(a) Lamipac(New)

Technical Leader for Mars in the development of Lamipac. Worked and led joint Customer/Supplier team for this complex 6 layer high performance, sterilisable, shelf stable, plastic container. Exercised direct influence on primary pack design and worked with agencies developing secondary pack design. Developed the thinking behind a unique, patented sealing system.

(b) Ezo Vacuum Can (New)

Project leader and main ideas man for the development of a unique necked in vacuum packed steel can. By cross fertilisation and adapting glass technology, developed a unique packaging system aimed at the easy to open can market. Worked and led a cross functional team which included the supplier and, internally, Commercial, Marketing, Manufacturing departments together with MR and graphic design agencies. Part of the development required the design and specification of a reverse printed shrink on label system.

(c) Aluminium Tray(Existing)

Worked in a multi-national team to transfer packaging systems for alu trays and lids from mainland EU into the UK. Local cost saving projects included working with Commercial associates investigating alternative printing systems; worked with engineers to design new packaging handling processes and investigate the replacement of alu with steel.

(d) Plastic Sack (Existing)

Installed plastic sack technology as a replacement to a 3 ply paper base system for the UK Petfood market. Based on cost saving, the project needed significant developments to material structure and packaging construction to maintain and protect product quality.

5. Consultancy and Advisory Support.

(a) New Factory Support (Thailand)

Spent 9 months in Asia working for Mars in support of a new Petfood factory in Thailand. Main objectives included the training of local associates in basic packaging design philosophy, the importance of VA and the basis of appropriate packaging specification. Helped the local Commercial associates develop a coherent packaging purchasing strategy. Most time was spent with suppliers and commercial associates to help them develop packaging specifications including materials, printing and construction that were locally, technically achievable and economic.

(b) Consultant to European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Carried out a technical review on behalf of the EU Bank of Reconstruction and Development of an Estonian Company in support of their claim for EU grants to buy and install new printing and packaging conversion machines. This included a review of business plan, management systems and personnel, evaluation of opportunities in the Estonian market, an evaluation of the appropriateness of the installation plan and a review of the project plan needed for the purchase and installation of new plant.

(c) Safe Packaging

Invited by UKs Packaging Research Association to participate in a DTI funded investigation into the safe use of packaging. Comments and discussion with other packaging professionals were used to produce a recommendation paper for general use by the packaging design industry.
Developed a course aimed at heightening the awareness of younger Mars packaging designers to the present and future problems of use of packaging by the older population.

6. Human Foods

Reviewed latest opportunities in the use of PET food trays. Including pressure valve release systems for use during microwaving or processing products. Also reviewed easy peel films and SiOx and AlOx barrier coating systems.

7. Other Areas.

Travelling includes Europe, Asia and recent experience of Russia, Estonia and Hungary.

Worked comfortably in multicultural and multinational teams.

Always stayed ahead of developments, by using supplier contacts, exhibitions and conferences. Contacts are extensive and opinions are greatly respected by other packaging professionals not only within the food industry but also by the packaging world in general.

Employment Resume:

1972 1974 British Celenese - Coventry

Shift production chemist for British Celanese for about 18 months providing analytical data required for process control

1974 1975 Pedigree Petfoods Melton Mowbray

Re-joined Pedigree Petfoods in 1974 having previously worked for the company as part of industrial placement whilst at Sheffield Hallam University. On re-joining Pedigree, worked as a technical support for the Customer Service Department dealing with customers and their complaints

1975 - 1977 Pedigree Petfoods Melton Mowbray

Quality Information Department responsible for a team of Raw Material Inspectors, this not only included raw meats and cereals but also packaging at which stage became hooked.

1977 1999 Pedigree Masterfoods

Packaging R&D UK and EU See Core Areas Covered for more details

1999 2000 EFFEM Thailand (part of Pedigree Masterfoods/Mars Inc)

Packaging R&D See Core Areas Covered for more details

2000 Packaging Consultant

Worked for a number of human food companies.
Hired by European Bank of Reconstruction and Development to carry out supplier review on Estonian Company claiming EU development grants
Worked for Effem/Mars as packaging consultant in Russia and Hungary

Formal Educational History:

General ethos is that experience constitutes an invaluable form of education. Accordingly, whilst formal education may appear to be superficially unspectacular more positive scholastic achievements can be seen in an early demonstration of both leadership and team work. Not only a sportsman but also a house captain and head boy.
Late development produced a not discreditable Higher National Diploma from Sheffield Hallam University in Industrial Chemistry whilst also receiving a Licentiateship of the Chemical Society.

John Moore

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