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John Moore M.Inst.Pkg

Packaging Consultant
A Founder Member of Process and Packaging Associates

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John was a Packaging Development manager for one of the leading UK Mars factories for over 20 years. As such he worked with and sometimes lead multicultural teams whose job it was to deliver leading edge innovations. He built an unquestionable knowledge and understanding of all aspects of packaging, it's use and development. His expertise has been requested as far away as Thailand, Russia, Hungary, Estonia and throughout mainland Europe.

His troubleshooting skills have recently been used in the chilled food packaging market. He has also worked as advisor to the EU Bank of Reconstruction and Development and given lectures on packaging at the University of Birmingham.
He can provide technical mediation between suppiers and users of packaging materials. He is happy to review packaging filling lines and believes that, in most cases, sufficient cost savings can be made to justify the cost of any review.

Structure packaging design
General advise on packaging
Troubleshooting packaging filling lines
Cost saving programmes
Packaging innovations
Project management
Packaging line commissioning
Mediation between packaging supplier and users

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